Financial Advisor*


My Mission Statement:

To assist people in identifying their ever changing financial goals and to help educate them on all relevant aspects of their current financial condition. I offer my clients comprehensive advice and planning that is designed to help maintain their quality of living and provide for the well-being of their families and subsequent generations.

My goal is to help educate people about their finances. I build long-term relationships with individuals, families, and businesses who seek assistance in crystallizing their financial goals and who periodically need to make adjustments as their lives change. Some clients seek financial planning*, while others seek help with specific recommendations and solutions for educational planning, accumulating assets, tax reduction strategies**, retirement income planning, and estate planning.

I offer an objective approach to financial planning. I assist clients using a customized plan that conforms to their wants and needs. My job is about helping people to achieve their financial goals in a way that seeks to maximize options and opportunities.

I believe that making sure you get the proper advice starts with taking an in-depth look at where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

It's challenging to know exactly what your future may hold, and your objectives may change over time. Because of this, I approach financial planning as a dynamic, ongoing process that takes into account your personal circumstances, changes in the tax laws**, and changes in the marketplace. I can help you design a plan that evolves with you and results in a well-coordinated series of recommendations that can be implemented.

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As a Financial Advisor with Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor, I can provide you with a customized plan to help address your concerns and help you achieve your financial objectives.

Please use my website as a resource, and do not hesitate to contact me for additional information or to schedule a meeting.

Thank you for your interest.